Wednesday, 5 March 2008

I'm a bad blogger !!

ok ok i'm a bad blogger, i have had every intention of posting plenty of times but life has just got in the way, it has been a stressful couple of weeks and i have had no crafting time at all................
But i plan to change that over the next few days, so expect some WIP photos posted.

To make things worse my beloved little pentax 'little lolita' has just froze on me today, i don't understand i have always treated her with the greatest of respect, we have always got on so well beautiful photographs have been our main goal together, for the past two years she has barely left my side, so why oh why i cry what have i done ?? well tomorrow morning i shall be taking her to the camera hospital called jessops, i just hope that they treat her with care !!

In the meantime i will leave you with some pictures that i took of my youngest daughter, she has been studying WW2 at school and the other day the whole year group had to dress up as evacuees, well as a rule living in the 21st century we don't have many childrens 1940s clothes hanging around, but i think she looks pretty good with the dress i very proudly pieced together, it was an old dress of my youngest sisters that i took apart and remodelled, till 1am in the morning ! things we do for our offspring !! well a good day was had by my daughter and her friends, they even made mashed potato biscuits and she assured me that they were better than biscuits of now, i have promised her that i will get the recipe so we can make them at home.......................... i will let you know how they are !!

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