Friday, 27 June 2008

Less is more !!

Well......... i haven't fallen off the face of the earth, i have just been busy busy busy............bringing up baby........miss matilda, and boy how she has grown, she is so sweet so funny and so naughty !! and very very clever............. she brings a smile to our faces everyday with her antics.

Inbetween looking after pups and children i have been working, not getting has much done as i'd have hoped, but eh thats life ! I will do some later posts on my crafting with pics etc.

I also want to share a fantastic book with you that i got for my birthday, I have been so engrossed in it, it is called The Happy Campers, and yes we are now going to be a family of Happy campers we have bought a tent, a stove, airbeds a fantastic 70's pyrex crockery set (photos to come of that) we are just waiting for a good weather weekend !!

You can purchase said book here-

I have also been inspired by this book for a tote bag design, has soon it is finished i will share it with you !! until then xx


joshy said...

speaking of more - MORE UPDATES!!! we want to see more lovely photos!

joshy xx

My Vintage Studio said...

Took a peek at your blog! Lovely.
Cute puppy! We have 3 dogs...yes I am crazy for letting DH convince me that "we need" 3 dogs.
Your blog is the photos.